GLC l965 – ’69

Francis was appointed Design Consultant for the GLC Housing Devision between 1965 – ’69. Projects ranged from experiments with new materials, to selecting suitable areas for decorative treatment. He was often on location, the provision of funds being limited, he employed a practical approach and speedy execution.

These examples show decorative wall treatments and the use of everyday materials, such as brick, glass, concrete and are taken from panels exhibited at The Building Design Centre ’94, Francis Carr – A Retrospective 1950-’92, 

Above: Two decorative brick walls acted as screens, Grove Park Estate, Lewisham, 1966, images taken from from a panel included in A Retrospective 1950-’92, Building Design Centre ’94.

Increasingly interested to find out more about the properties of differed industrial materials, and their creative application, Francis forged links with (amongst others) Concrete Association, Vitrious Enamel Development Council, Kendall’s stone and Paving Co. and National Enamels. He was commissioned to produced a number of decorative surface treatments and reliefs.

Above: playground using artist designed play equipment Play In Tubes and  a colourful treatment to entrance lobby, St Martins Day Nursery, Upper Tulse Hill, Norwood,

He made a considerable contribution, introducing colour and form on a human scale within looming tower blocks and municipal spaces, in line with his philosophy, to encourage people to use all of their senses.

Shown are examples of a glass and brick screen wall for Latimer Road Estate, West Kensington with ‘coloured glass’ design concept, and decorative brick lobby for Carlton Vale Estate, North Block I, City of Westminister 1968.

From 1956 The London County Council allotted a yearly sum of £20,000 for the provision of works of art for public and municipal spaces. Francis was one of only a few artists at the time to work for the scheme, which was later taken over by the Greater London Council (GLC) who began to see the value in using artists to advise project architects on the design and decoration of new buildings