Magic Garden

Children wrote and told him how much they liked the mural.“Thank you very much for making the sun shine again in our magic garden. We all like it very much and enjoy looking at it. Thanks”. Letter to the Artist from the children 2008

A favourite poem by Joyce sent to the Artist ’61

there is a pattern

there is a snail

there is a fish with a

funny old tail

Reviews / Media

“the colour and various glittering reflections draw the children……it will be e long time before they tire of discovering the fascinating and unexpected things it contains”.BBC broadcast for  Eye Witness by Richard Baker described the effect. ’61

“ By resurrecting a key piece of ‘child-centered’ design from post-war period , a piece that was interactive, stimulating and educational, we are also pointing to possible directions for the future of public and community art projects.” Twenty Century Society/ Autumn 2008 ‘CaseWork Reports ‘ by Jon Wright